John Davenport met Curiositates Eroticae Physiologiae uit 1875 -30%
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John Davenport met Curiositates Eroticae Physiologiae uit 1875

Curiositates Eroticae Physiologiae, or tabooed subjects freely treated uit 1875 door John Davenport. ...Meer informatie
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In 6 essays worden seksuele taboe onderwerpen behandeld:

1. Generation, 2. Chastity and Modesty, 3. Marriage, 4. Circumcision, 5. Eunuchism, 6. Hermaphrodism.

Gevolgd door een afsluitende essay over de dood.

Uit essay 1:

Parent of Rome! by Gods and men belov'd.

Benignant Venus! the sail-clad Main

And fruitful Earth, as round the seasons roll

With life, who swellest, for by thee all live,

And living, hail thee cheerful light of day;

Thee, goddess, at thy glad approach, the winds,

The tempests fly; Daedalian Earth to thee

Pours forth her sweetest flow'rets.  Ocean laughs,

And the blue Heavens in cloudless splendour deck'd

For when the Spring first ekes her frolic eye,

And genial zephrys long lock'd up respire,

Then, Goddess! th' aerial birds confess

To rapture, through ev'ry shiv'ring plume;

Thee, the wild herds, hence o'er the joyous glebe

Bounding at large, with undaunted chest,

Stemming the torrent wide,  Thro' all that lives

So, by thy charms, thy blandishments o'erpower'd

Springs the warm wish, thy footsteps to pursue,

Till through the seas, the mountains and the floods,

The verdant meads and woodlands filled with song,

Spur'd by desire, each palpitating tribe

Haste at thy shrine, to plant the future race


Uitgegeven in 1875 te Londen, privately printed in rood linnen privéband met gouden titelschrift op de rug. Een blad mist een stukje van de bovenhoek en het eerste blad ligt los, 216 bladzijden, 25 x 18 cm, verder in goede staat.








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